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About Lone Tree Academics

Lone Tree Academics LLC is an educational services company with its headquarters in the South Denver, Colorado, metro area. We have served clients in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. 

The company offers services to higher educational institutions, training programs, and other educational service areas in five areas.

  • The strategy and markets area focuses on assisting clients with understanding and capitalizing on potential in educational markets.  We assist clients in navigating the major shifts and disruptions in higher education driven by technology, certificates, micro-credentialing, and new funding models.
  • We also offer curriculum development services for programs, courses, and certificates. Our offering is grounded in best practice methods of content research and curriculum authoring.  The design methods reflect a robust model of curricular alignment from market needs to program structure to learning methods and technology. Designers assisting clients are fluent in best practice methods such as standards-based design and Quality Matters®.
  • Assessment services are offered to clients under the EduPartner.Solutions™ brand. The range of offerings spans a spectrum from the Student360.Design™ system to collection, analysis, and interpretation of assessment data from a variety of sources.
  • To assist with the rapid shift in educational practice, a LearningScapes™ methodology has been developed. The model assists with the structuring of effective learning interactions in a variety of modalities and cohort sizes.  Design thinking is used to construct learning environments and situations that permit measurement, effective assessment of outcomes, and continuous improvement.
  • To assist clients with accreditation and regulatory matters, we offer coaching and evaluation services in support of excellence in education. Our work assists clients with delivering and articulating approaches for accreditors and excellence recognition such as the Baldrige Excellence Framework and the EFQM Excellence Model®.

We operate through a network of co-operative service providers.  Teams specific to each engagement are assembled for clients to meet the unique needs of each client situation.

Lone Tree Academics LLC

P.O. Box 3606

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155 USA