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Our passion is for enabling excellence.

Our key focus is higher education but we also work in related sectors.

The approaches we use follow the model of S•C•A•L•E.

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Strategy and Market Analysis

Curriculum Design and Development

Assessment Design and Deployment


Performance Excellence

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Strategy and Market Analysis

Focused approach to understanding markets and building strategies

The strategy and markets area focuses on assisting clients with understanding and capitalizing on potential in educational markets.  

We assist clients in navigating the major shifts and disruptions in higher education driven by

  • technology
  • certificates based education
  • micro-credentialing
  • new funding models.

Case Study

A regional community college system was seeking to link new programs to the region's economic development strategy. 

We assisted by developing a market estimate that went beyond static labor and education data. Instead, our approach focused on the use of dynamic job data reflecting current hiring trends. We also helped the system understand the competitors in the market.

Curriculum Design and Development

Best practice approaches to instructional design

Our curriculum development services help design programs, courses, and certificates. Our offering is grounded in best practice methods of content research and curriculum authoring.  The design methods reflect a robust model of curricular alignment from market needs to program structure to learning methods and technology. Designers assisting clients are fluent in best practice methods and using the Quality Matters® course rubrics as guides.

Case Study

An international finance and economics university needed help designing curriculum for online delivery. The school had little experience with the challenges of designing engaging curriculum for online delivery. 

We assisted with development of a curriculum shop to create engaging curriculum. Our approach included other holistic elements such as providing guidance on instruction design and online course management organizational solutions.

Assessment Design and Deployment

Best practice approaches to assessment of learning outcomes

Our assessment services are offered to clients under the EduPartner.Solutions™ brand with a 360 degree view of student success. Assessment that matters is more than testing what can be learned. The entire student experience from first interest in educational programs to success in the workplace.

The range of our offerings spans a spectrum from the Assessment by Design™ knowledge-base (to be released in late 2020) to collection, analysis, and interpretation of assessment data from a variety of sources.

Case Study

Higher education programs often struggle to put the basics of assessment of learning into place. We help clarify the differences among formative versus summative and internal and external types of assessments. Several schools have benefited from the clarity our methods bring to the process.


Designing learning for engagement, interest, and inspiration

To assist with the rapid shift in educational practice, a LearningScapes™ methodology has been developed.  The model assists with the structuring of effective learning interactions in a variety of modalities and cohort sizes.  Design thinking is used to construct learning environments and situations that permit measurement, effective assessment of outcomes, and continuous improvement.

Case Study

A European university decided to focus business programs on entrepreneurship. The traditional lecture and test learning approaches do not work for budding entrepreneurs. 

We helped design a highly interactive, immersive, and experiential approach. The solution included applied exercises with real world customers and used collaborative tools such as the Google's GSuite.


Enabling excellence through the 5 Disciplines (5DEx)

To assist clients with accreditation and regulatory matters, we offer coaching and evaluation services in support of excellence in education. Our work assists clients with delivering and articulating approaches for accreditors and excellence recognition such as the Baldrige Excellence Framework and the EFQM Excellence Model®.

A cornerstone to the approach is the 5 Disciplines of Excellence or 5DEx. By helping organizations focus on centering on stakeholders, strategic rhythm, process clarity, and change navigation, we help ensure meaningful improvement in performance. 

Case Study

An international accreditor was looking for ways for higher levels of engagement of its customers.

We helped design a performance excellence program that went beyond what accreditation typically offers. Customers engaging with the new program reported better student, staff, and stakeholder engagement and an improvement in quality of programs offered.